Brian William Buzzella (born July 27, 1984) is a self taught, American painter currently based out of Miami, Florida. Brian's work is said to be of a progressive dynamic and transcending nature, drawing upon the abandoned and pursued weight within a contemporary age. His work focuses on the subconscious interpretations of communication, perspective and the underlying conditions between oneself and the external world.

December 2013:

Currently, my studio practice consists of acrylic, oil stick and mixed media based paintings ranging in width from 10 inches to 32 feet and in height from 19 inches to 11 feet. The works content consists of a subconscious channeling and conveyance of personal interpretation through symbolism, text, patterns and layering. I never plan, formulate or sketch before painting. The paintings start when I start, traveling through a variety of moment to moment, present time cerebral interactions ending with visible results onto any given surface.