"My work conveys the varying concepts of belief, the questioning of an ability and inability to believe, the acknowledgements of repression, both individually and as a social perspective, the link between this moment and references as to why we attempt to envision the future, channeling as an explanation through various paint based mediums, questioning the inability to envision the future, joy and the end stages of joy, oversized circles as an unknown type of coping mechanism (oversized depending on specific content and personal theory), the ensuing silence and breaching of human voice, eye contact, comparing dreams to recent thoughts on foreign culture, relating colors and subject formation during a conversation, the absence of color and objectivity while under the influence, addiction, the reflection of constructive and deconstructive repetition, the lack of constructive repetition, numbers connecting with words surfaced over layers of color and content, self-seen symbolism, channeling, unexplainable elements that have progressed over a short span of years, polar opposite subjects and the result(s) of union, realization that lines through words are an aesthetic, the necessity to paint over other paintings entirely, the lack of audience creates a burden, sustaining a burden, the inequality between glances, imbalances, the slant of verbal communication, acknowledging the reoccurring transient relationships between strangers through visual and physical contact." -Brian Buzzella